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Pre-Save New Single on Spotify

Our new single "Wreckage" is set to release on Friday, June 28. Pre-save the single on Spotify for your chance to win a merch prize pack from the band. This new track, the first release from Hiroshima Hearts in nearly two years, is the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication from some people very close to the Hearts family. The first and biggest thanks goes to Matt Fudge. Matt played drums with us through the fall of 2018 before moving back home to Newfoundland. He wrote the drums parts, performed them in the studio, and was head engineer on the project. The songs was then mixed by Toronto's Alfio Annibalini and mastered by Harry Hess at Hbomb Mastering. Lee Solo of Shot by Solo directed the music video shot on location courtesy of Smash Club London.

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